Things I’m Pissed About

I started listing things I’m pissed about at the Justice for George Rally. It is time to add a few more items to the list, which I will do from time to time, because it is important to continue to tap into the Righteous Anger that we feel. I’m starting with the things closest to the surface. It will take more time for me to go deeper into my frustration and anger, but I will get there.

I’m pissed about racism.

This seems pretty obvious but it still needs to be said out loud. It is maddening that fear of difference is so pervasive that we dehumanize others to make ourselves powerful. It pisses me off that we know, scientifically, why skin comes in so many different shades and yet people still think white is the best. It drives me crazy that so many people claim to believe we are all created in the image of God and refuse to see God in the face of a black man.

I’m pissed about the lack of historical knowledge regarding the deep roots of racism in our country.

The ideas of white supremacy are intertwined in those roots and, just now, a larger percentage of white people are starting to see it. When history is taught, we cannot just tell the story of the dominant white culture. We have to tell the story of how policy effected blacks, Hispanics, the disabled, the mentally ill, LGTBQ, and more. Our lives, our stories, our histories, are connected; and it is time to stop pretending that they stand alone in a single moment in time.

I’m pissed that people don’t understand the power of their voice.

This is me pissed at myself. I have been a pastor for twenty years and haven’t spoken up enough. Next week I will share more about my upbringing and being adopted, so today I will simply say that my upbringing gave me advantages/privilege in the call process and within the ELCA. I haven’t used my voice enough to speak up for my BIPOC colleagues.

I’m pissed it has taken this long for the scales to fall from your white eyes.

I keep thinking that this moment in history, the world witnessing the lynching of George Floyd, is equal to the moment in the 1960’s when people saw the water hoses turned on peaceful black protestors. It was one of the defining moments that turned the tide of the Civil rights movement. It is now that white people can finally see that racism is in the air we breathe. It has created the world we live it. Now, with the death of George Floyd, white preachers in my denomination in mass are finally saying the word “racism” from the pulpit. Now you are willing to say “white supremacy” in front of an all white church.

All of these things piss me off and push me to imagine a new way of being.

I imagine a world without fear simply based on the color of ones skin. I imagine a world where we speak truth in love about our history, so we truly don’t make the same mistakes again. I dream of a world where we all use our voices to care for each other. I imagine a world where white people don’t have to be shocked into seeing the humanity of all others.

What pisses you off? What type of world do you want to imagine into reality?

10 thoughts on “Things I’m Pissed About

  1. Sherry carrion says:

    I’m pissed off, as a woman, a Hispanic woman I am paid less then my cornorpartner. I’m pissed off that I’m leaving a job that has great benefits because I’m not able to Conform to be a hard ass like my coworker corrections officers and abuse the power that is allowed to treat other human beings anyway I choose . I don’t have a hard ❤️. I’m told tiffin up, your not right for this job, your to nice for this job! I could go on, and on! Yes there are good people in this world but people behind any badge that abuse power need to be held accountable! Now is the time. I’m learning what Black Lives Matter Means. Give me time to learn. Don’t judge I’ve been judged as a woman/ Hispanic woman, over weight woman enough?

    1. pissedpastor says:

      Thank you Sherry for being the amazing person with a kind heart. Thank you for being will to learn. Thanks for being on this journey to turn our anger into really change. Peace

  2. Ken Campbell says:

    Pastor Kara, I fully appreciate what you have been expressing. I know enough in general histories of people & nations, that there has long repeated imperialism with subsequent racism, control of those peoples and slavery. By no means am I ignorant of the tainted and terrible past in America. I have lived long enough to see some progress for women, POC, LGBTQ & those w/disabilities. I was too young but lived during the assasinations in the 1960’s. I lament what could have been had least one of the key people lived (JFK, MLK & RFK). I am pissed because we have not progressed to the point peoples’ hearts have not changed from lessons learned in the past. I am pissed off because nearly 63M Americans voted in a known racist, misogynist, thief, narcissist, habitual liar into the White House. I pissed of by some family members, work mates, and casual friends still support Trump. I can’t get my head around that much hate and ignorance. Trump is not fully responsible for releasing more hate, the political and business systems have been doing this for ages. Today’s Republican party has been taken over by right wing fringes that have voted in people like Peter King in Iowa. There continues yet blatant voting blocking/tax/fraud toward POC (and just this week in Atlanta!!).

    I want the world as such: spoken by Christ, John Lennon “Imagine”, changes recognized by Charles Dickens and written by Gene Roddenbury. A world where we have equity for all, we strive to better ourselves and no more need for excess possessions & monetary wealth, the earth is considered sacred & treated as such, no need to protect borders, but can move about freely and no need for land take over. I want the emotional pain relieved for all.

  3. Katie (Toufar) Rykal says:

    I am pissed off that in 2020 there are still a lot of people out there that think this isn’t a problem. I am pissed off that people like you, who I will remember most for their laughter, have to deal with this shit

  4. Mary says:

    Hi Kara, I recently watched the film The 13th. A film from 2016. I’m pissed I didn’t watch it when it was first released. I am completely pissed off that, not only was I not taught anything about the complete and true history of the US, I did not question what I learned was the whole truth. I am pissed that our US “history” classes taught me that strong white men built this country. I am pissed that I can only imagine what history classes with true and honest discussions of the history of this country for/from all its citizens could have made this a really wonderful country. There is a lot more that I am pissed about. But I will leave this here for now. Please keep blogging.

  5. Lorian Schwaber says:

    I’m pissed off that there doesn’t seem to be any movement on holding the cops who killed Breonna Taylor, in the middle of the night in her own home, accountable.

  6. J. Matt Steinhauer says:

    These are powerful and challenging words—obviously welling up out of your lived experience. Thank you for the raw honesty and challenge to me, a white pastor, to lean hard into this moment.

  7. Janice Navarro says:

    I’m pissed off that I have been so blind. In 2012 our daughter and son-in-law adopted our precious granddaughter, who happens to be black. I flew to Florida with another of our daughters as our son-in-law had to get back back home for work. We stayed until all the red tape was cleared and we could bring our Zoe home with us. When we arrived at the hotel my daughter was standing outside holding her newborn daughter. She handed her to me and I immediately fell in love. I remember thinking “I’m so glad things aren’t like they were in the 60’s. She will have a better life.” And now, 8 years later, I’m pissed off. I’m Pisa’s off because things aren’t different and I have been blind to the prejudice and racism that still exists in our society. I’m pissed off that we have a so-called leader who has intensified and excused blatant prejudice, racism and disrespect for people of color, immigrants, those with disabilities and women. I’m pissed off because our sweet granddaughter will live with prejudice and racism and inequality in her life. I’m pissed off that I have “white privilege” that she will never know. I pray for change. I pray for Zoe. I pray for her parents and her sister. I pray for our family and all bi-racial families. I pray because I have been, and in many ways still am, blind. I pray for leaders to be elected who will work to change the systematic racism that is so prevalent in our country. I pray…because I’m pissed off.

    Thank you, Kara, for sharing and helping me to open my eyes and to learn and grow from your experience.

  8. Sue says:

    I’m pissed that I have to screen my white bishop’s sermons before even considering using them for zoom worship. And then discovering that he believes that when a white woman is afraid of a black man that is simply “innate” as opposed to learned behavior. And that he steals a black man’s words to try and say that we can fix racism if white people just go and get a black or latinx friend.

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